Nuisance Bird Removal

£149.99 +VAT

Includes Site Survey & Inspection
Falcon Flying for 1 hour

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Treatment Description
How it works

Nuisance birds such as pigeons can cause a great deal of damage to property through both nesting and disease-ridden defecation - not to mention the irritating noise they can make. The most effective and natural way to remove and deter pest birds is through our professional falconry service. Pest birds such as pigeons in both rural and urban environments will naturally evade birds of prey and so once the falcon is spotted, pigeons etc, will soon learn the area is falcon territory and steer clear. Pest birds will typically gather or nest in high places, on building roofs and ledges making falconry the ideal solution for removing birds from hard to reach places.

Find the right pest control treatment for your property which may vary depending on the size of the property or the number of bedrooms.

Add the product to your basket and carefully enter the address of pest afflicted property for a full cost of treatment including call-out fees where applicable. For clients within 30 minutes of our Hertfordshire based headquarters, call-outs are completely FREE! To find out more about our call-out charges, please click here.

Upon successful payment via our secure checkout, a friendly member of our team will contact you, typically within 2 hours of ordering, to arrange a convenient time and date to visit your premises (We may contact you on the next working day if ordering at weekends or after 7pm Monday-Friday).

When our technician arrives, they will conduct a full site inspection to identify the full extent of the problem before beginning treatment. Following our visit, you’ll receive a full technician report on the treatment carried out along with advisories on potential follow up visits or treatments.

In the event you require a follow up visit or proofing of holes, our technician will provide you with the relevant information required to book online.

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